Post Card Art Group

In November 2014, I joined The Postcard Art Group – a collective of artists and creatives sending handmade & handwritten postcards to members from all over the world.

I found out about the group and the Snail Mail Revolution through my Instagram friends. I’m passionate about hand drawing and the movement to revive the old tradition of heartfelt hand written letters, and this project gave me the opportunity to share my passion and connect with other like minded individuals.

For the postcard artwork, I started with abstract watercolour shapes and washes then added some ink drawings and details. The project has given me a reason to go to the post office again! There’s nothing like tearing the perf off of postage stamps & sticking them on my mail with a wet sponge (getting a bit excited when I put on that blue AirMail stamp cause at least my cards will get to travel to a far off place) then shooting them through that big red AusPost box never to see them again. But the best part is doing it cause it makes me and others happy, and to share happiness is priceless.




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